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Wholesale Furniture Warehouse: Online Store in NY, NJ, CT, PA and the whole USA. is a unique shopping experience for ALL consumers with the finest home furnishings in Manhattan Showroom - one of the most exciting online modern wholesale furniture warehouses.
Enjoy the huge diversity of classical and modern furniture from the warehouse at wholesale prices. But the showroom cannot fit all the furniture of our warehouse, so it is always possible to browse the whole selection of furniture in our main online-store. We offer Free Shipping on ALL living room, bedroom, dining room, home office and kids furniture.
Furniture for Kids Room
Living Room Furniture
Dining Sets
  • Table Lamps All professional room designers know the importance of light in the process of creating a fashionable and stylish room... Desk Lamps
  • Loft Beds Loft beds are a great solution go the lack of space problem. Loft beds can contain a lot of useful furniture in a very little capacity... Loft Beds and Bunk Beds
  • TV Stands We have a huge selection of plasma entertainment centers for flat screen TVs, LCDs, and DLP televisions in all sizes.
  • Bar stools up to $199 Bar stools
    Some people believe that for a good conversation the bar stool is better than a chair. Do you need a new bar stools? Come in.
    $90 - $199
  • Paintings up to $199 Paintings
    Paintings of any categories, colors, styles and sizes.
    $66 - $199
  • Beds up to $500 Beds
    We have a big selection of beds and platform beds so choose that you like. Our beds for every budget. Here you find beds up to $500.
    $200 - $499
  • Mattressess up to $599 Mattressess
    You are dissatisfied with your bed? Do not rush to change the bed, can be enough to change only the mattress!
    $349 - $599
  • Desks and Tables up to $199 Desk tables
    We can't imagine Home Office without desk Table. Desk is necessary part of every room or Home Office.
    $36 - $199
  • Bedroom sets up to $799 Bedroom sets
    We have selected a complete bedroom sets for your bedroom environment. Save your time, enjoy with our sets.
    $361 - $799
  • Nightstands up to $199 Nightstands
    The perfect companions to your bed, these bedside chests have several drawers for storing TV remotes, books and magazines.
    $54 - $199
  • Office Chairs up to $199 Office Chairs
    All office chairs feature comfy, ergonomic seat and back adjustments, gas lift, padded head rests, leather or mesh seat cushions.
    $44 - $199
  • Futons up to $399 Futons
    Futons are an easy solution to upgrade your living room. There are metal and wood futon frames.
    $70 - $399
  • Shelving units up to $499 Shelving units
    Shelving Unit can store all your accessories. It can bring additional style to your living space.
    $88 - $399
  • Mirrors up to $199 Mirrors
    Variety of finishes from pale woods to darker tones, intricate detailed wood paneling mirrors.
    $40 - $199
  • Loungers up to $199 Loungers
    Our beautiful collection of Bar stools come in well-designed contemporary and traditional style introduced in strict yet elegant lines
    $144 - $599
  • Door to Door Furnishings Please contact us if you need to furnish your home from door to door, we'll make you a profitable and convenient for you to offer
  • Blue Furniture Welcome to our collection blue furnishings! Please choose what you like for your apartment
  • No interest till 2016! Come to our showroom and choose from our lay-away plan or 12-months-no-interest opportunities. We also accept cash.

About the store

Wholesale Furniture Warehouse - has wide selection of Quality Furniture. We pride ourselves on knowing how people enjoy decorating their home and what furniture best suits those design ideas. Come into our showroom and we will help you with your furniture purchase - let us show you both beauty utility without breaking your budget.
As we are wholesale furniture warehouse, we stand behind everything we sell at Striving to provide the best online shopping experience, we're committed to offering unparalleled selection, thorough product knowledge and excellent service.
Choose from the Big Selection of different modern furniture. Living room furniture like sofas, sectional sofas, modern and traditional coffee tables, lovely TV stands and fascinating loveseats are waiting for you.
Bedroom and Dining Room Furniture as well as Office Furniture expand the collection of modern furniture; make it more attractive and good.
Experience of the previous successful years of running a furniture business provides all of our services with the highest quality ever possible. You will feel the Quality in every element, in every detail of products and services offered by our wholesale furniture warehouse.